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This website is home to the Washington State Workers’ Rights Manual and provides an easy overview of everyone’s Workplace Rights.

New COVID-19 Worker Protections - Recent changes to WA State and Seattle Laws

WA State – New COVID-19 Worker Protection Rules

WA State – New COVID-19 Worker Protection Rules – Labor & Industries (L&I) has new workplace regulations covering masks, hospital workers, farmworker housing, ag warehouses/packing operations, grocery stores, COVID worker’s comp coverage, and enforcement for businesses ignoring pandemic orders. See L&I’s COVID News webpage: https://www.lni.wa.gov/agency/outreach/novel-coronavirus-outbreak-covid-19-resources

Seattle – New COVID-19 Worker Protection Rules

Gig Worker Paid Sick Leave – new temporary law allows some gig workers to take paid leave to care for their own health and safety, or the health and safety of a family member, under some circumstances during the Covid-19 emergency. For more info: https://www.seattle.gov/laborstandards/ordinances/covid-19-gig-worker-protections-/gig-worker-paid-sick-and-safe-time-ordinance?utm_medium=email&utm_source=govdelivery

Hazard Pay for Food Delivery Gig Workers – Seattle’s emergency rule provides a minimum of $2.50 premium pay for gig workers delivering food and beverage meals and groceries. For more info: https://content.govdelivery.com/bulletins/gd/WASEATTLE-292d6d0?wgt_ref=WASEATTLE_WIDGET_99


Workers’ Rights in the COVID-19 Era - Resources for Workers

COVID-19 Workers’ Rights Webinars – The Labor Center has developed a series of webinars on COVID-related rights and benefits for workers. The Labor Center’s 2020 Covid-19 webinars are permanently available on our YouTube Channel using this link: Labor Center-YouTube-playlist. View recent webinars on:

  • Paid Sick and Family Medical Leave Options
  • Housing Security and the Eviction Moratorium
  • How to sign up for Health Insurance
  • Unemployment
  • Health and Safety at Work

Unemployment Resources/Links

Other COVID-19 Resources

For information on your rights to paid sick leave, paid family medical leave, unemployment and workers’ compensation, use the links to see your Basic Rights #1 and #2 below.


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Here are your

5 basic rights in Washington

Here are your

5 basic rights in Washington

Here are your

5 basic rights in Washington

In Washington state, you have five basic rights as a worker. Click on the individual rights below for more information.

1) You have the right to be paid

Your rights to a minimum wage, tips, prevailing wage, overtime, rest breaks and scheduling. What you need to know about termination and unemployment. What to do about wage theft.

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2) You have the right to take care of yourself & your family

Your rights to Sick and Safe Leave, Family, Pregnancy and other Leaves, Workers’ Compensation when injured on the job, and Disability when unable to work.

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3) You have the right to be free of discrimination

Laws that protect workers from discrimination in the workplace, including who is protected and how to file discrimination complaints. How to respond to sexual harassment in the workplace.

Learn More

4) You have the right to be safe at work

Your rights to a safe workplace, in the workplace, employer and employee safety responsibilities, how to enforce workplace safety, and workplace safety for undocumented workers.

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5) You have the right to organize

A Voice on the Job Leads to a Better Job. How workers can organize together to improve conditions at work through a union or other organization.

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Here are selected sections of the manual that have undergone recent updates.

COVID-19: Your Rights@Work

For information on your rights to paid sick leave, paid family medical leave,  unemployment and workers’ compensation, see our Basic Rights #1 and #2 above. The external links below also have important information about other programs and resources you might need:

Washington Department of Health Workplace COVID-19 Fact Sheet and Resources  COVID-19/Workplace

Washington State Labor Council  COVID-19 Resources for Workers

COVID-19 Outbreak Resources   AFL-CIO COVID-19 Resources

Teamsters COVID-19 Emergency Resources Guide: https://www.teamsters117.org/covid19

WA Employment Security’s COVID Unemployment Resource Page: https://esd.wa.gov/newsroom/covid-19

Paid Family Leave

Washington State now offers Paid Family and Medical Leave to employees in Washington. It provides paid time off when a serious health condition prevents you from working or when workers need time to care for a family member or a new child. Paid Family and Medical Leave is available to almost everyone working in Washington. See Chapter 2.2

Minimum Wage Increase for 2021

The Washington statewide minimum wage is $13.69/hour, and Seattle’s minimum hourly wage is $16.69 for large employers and $15.00 to $16.69 at small employers. For more details, see Chapter 1, Your Right to be Paid

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